Fishing in Thailand part 1

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I’m not going to write an exhaustive post on every conceivable place to fish in Thailand because quite frankly I have no idea what those guys use to catch fish in the khlong on Sathorn Road or how they plan to land their catch from 20m above the Chaophraya River on Taksin Bridge, without a drop net…the mind boggles…

Rather, I will focus my efforts over the next few posts on my favourite places to fish in Thailand. Including the now, world famous Bung Samran (home to several world records of mind blowing proportions), the tranquil Srinakarin Dam (pictured above), and my particular passion, charter boat fishing off the Gulf of Thailand.

I will also share some tips on how to make the most of your trips,  but anglers beware (and the rest rejoice) for these will not always be fishing centric, but on occasion they will be good for the soul.


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