Thor – my thoughts – spoilier free.

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So I just got to see Thor. It was a great film, perhaps the best comic book hero film that has been out. Well ok maybe Marvel comic book hero, the Dark Knight was good despite the dodgy  gravelly voiced Christian Bale.

The CG worlds of Thor’s home realm was astonishingly well done,  Asgaard, home of Odin father of the gods, was fantastical and ethereal yet somewhat grounded.

The ice planet to me was less impressive, it was a case of CG taken a step too far the frost giants looked great, but its a case of where a real set would have given it more authenticity. the CG elements were obvious and took me out of the immersion i felt up until that time. Speaking of immersion lets get to 3D –some of it was good especially scenery and wide shots etc, but when it got to the action it often looked blurred and disjointed.

The film itself was well paced, fun, humourous and just a bit tacky eg “You’re big, Thor bigger!” Nice but sounded a little like something Hulk would say.. All in all though it was a good fun story, don’t expect it to be Schindler’s list because that is not the role of a film like this, its purpose is to entertain and it did that superbly.

I think it’s the casting that struck me the most, rarely do you watch a movie, especially one based on a comic book where the actor really looks like the character.

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A few years back I was in a gaming clan playing competitive Rainbow Six 3 on the original Xbox mostly using a service called Kai, created by Team Xlink great fun and I made a lot of good friends who Im still in touch with today 6 years on.

So what does that have to do with Thor? I hear you grumble? Well for some reason we took the concept of clan tags further than most. In addition to initials in front of our names, we also assumed the names of  comic book heroes. At about the same I got into making animated gifs for use as forums signatures, and did a bunch for the team.

Today one my favourites remains my homage to one of my favourite comic book heroes from my childhood:

Its a composite of various other artists work, an animated digital collage if you will of some great comic book artists all of which I greatly admire.

Disclaimer: I did this as a fan and never sold nor am I look to make any income from this or similar creations, heck I haven’t even monetised this blog.

If however any copyright holders have any issues regarding this image or the hotlinked one above to let me know and I will take them down.

PS Feel free to use the gif above for non commercial use but please leave a comment if you do.



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