Fishing Bungsamran with @BangkokHooker

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Last week I took full advantage of the Thai religious holiday, and whilst observant souls were making merit or watching TV, Oz from and I headed off to Bungsamran to test our mettle and patience against the RIVER MONSTERS (dum dum duhhhhhh!)  that lurk below the surface.

It was the first time I had met Oz and frankly I could not think of a better way to meet someone than over a beer whilst reeling in giant fish! Like me, he is  a big fan of Jeremy Wade of Nat Geo’s RIVER MONSTERS (dum dum duhhhhhh!)

Well ok ‘fan’ might be pushing it 😛  but Oz and I have both obviously seen too many of Wade’s cringe worthy shows. Now, I can watch just about any fishing program and Wade does catch fish, and some are even of a reasonable size, and many still even have pointy teeth, but the way he goes on Wade would make netting a fairground goldfish, sound like a run in with Jaws. Think of of his series as a documented “the one that got away” story and you’re on the right tracks.

In all seriousness Oz is a top bloke. Indeed it was heartening to see him offer pointers to some of the younger anglers in the swim next to us. He helped them with their rig and just generally pointed them in the right direction.

This is what angling should be about, Oz set a great example that day by sharing his knowledge and skills with those who were learning. Its acts like these that these young anglers will recall, and hopefully as they learn they will pay those tips forward, and keep the social side of fishing alive.

Oz and I caught and released quite a few fish that day. Seven Giant Mehkong Catfish in the first two hours, then two Pla Sawai’s during a break in which we were targeting the elusive Siamese Giant Carp. We didn’t fail to catch one, it simply took the wrong bloke’s bait.. true story. We managed to catch (I think) another  two Mehkongs before we left, but sadly not before I doubted the combined power of  Oz’s  Shimano Calcutta &  Ugly Stik and failed to stop a run towards the central pier, losing another decent catfish as it dove for the cover.

Here’s a few pics:

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One thought on “Fishing Bungsamran with @BangkokHooker

    Bangkokhooker said:
    July 25, 2011 at 19:00

    Thanks for the story Marcus! Those are some nice pictures!

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