Sunsets and Snakeheads

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The fishing last weekend was hard, after starting at 08:30am I didn’t get any bites until about 16:00 when with a bit of guidance from Oz at bangkokhooker-fishing I eventually tried a texas rigged soft plastic worm.

After being shown how to rig the worm so that it sits properly on the hook, I cast it out to the middle of the pond and started slowly twitching the worm back along the bottom, then bang:

It worked on my very first cast, and was all the sweeter considering that it was the first time I ever tried that technique.

I later caught another two on the same technique both a little smaller than this fella in the pic above but they were fun all the same.

At the end of a tough days fishing there was at least some respite.

A chilled drink at the restaurant and the most beautiful sunset, which I could not restrain myself from trying to capture.

See pics in my gallery below, all of which were taken on my Olympus EP1 using the standard kit 14-42mm lens.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Ps All credit for the pics of me fishing in this post including that dramatic shot of the giant snakehead dancing on the surface of the water go to Dr David Green.


One thought on “Sunsets and Snakeheads

    Bangkokhooker said:
    September 8, 2011 at 12:57

    Great Pics! Great day fishing!

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