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It’s been one month now since I quit the smokes. Yay me!

The most noticeable symptom I have experienced was a cough that just would not quit for a little over one week. Highly annoying. However a little internet research uncovered the fact that my coughing was caused by the hair like follicles in the lungs (the cilia) growing back which had been damaged by inhaling smoke.

These little guys are charged with keeping the crap out of our lungs, so when they do grow back (and they do so surprisingly quickly) they get straight back to work cleaning all the gunk out of our lungs that has been building whilst we were smoking. Looks like my cilia are not satisfied as my cough has already cleared up.

Personally after the side effects which I reported on last time I haven’t gone back to using Champix, the tablets are sitting in a box untouched, so I have been doing it the so called hard way, but honestly it’s not that difficult.

I think we like to comfort ourselves when we smoke with the excuse that giving up is tough, as this provides us with a reason not to. It’s what Allen Carr calls brainwashing and you know what he’s right.

We’ve been duped into believing and accepting that breaking nicotine addiction is difficult. Well yes, it is certainly highly addictive but the withdrawal is really not so bad, the cravings are quite strong at first but they are still manageable and they die down eventually.

I still get the occasional craving usually from some social triggers, but recognising them for what they are gives me the strength to move past them, and they don’t last long anyway.

This image from helps to explain where these cravings come from:

Mandatory Replenishment Cycle

For those thinking about your own BIG QUIT there’s some great resources online, for one check out and check the comments of my last post on this subject where some kind readers have very  shared a link to the e-book version of Allen Carrs book and another advises on self medication solutions, which do the same job as Champix.

If you decide to go down the route of self medication I suggest that that you thoroughly research the medication in question and take an objective assessment of the known side effects and weigh them carefully against your own medical history. If you are not sure, then visit your local Dr for more advice.

Good luck.


One thought on “One month on

    Bangkokhooker said:
    September 9, 2011 at 11:12

    well done man! Keep up the good work! Now team Bangkokhooker is currently a smoke-free community!

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