Have you heard of the Keo Project?

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Have you heard of the Keo Project?

“Each person on Earth is invited to send a message that will transcend time and space to reach out to our distant descendants 50,000 years later.

A message for 50,000 years later? It is an invitation to perceive ourselves under a different light. By sharing each others’ messages we can rediscover our diversity, our individual values as well as our common humanity.

Each one of us have 4 uncensored pages at our disposal: an identical space of equality and freedom of expression where we can voice our aspirations and our revolts, where we can reveal our deepest fears and our strongest beliefs, where we can relate our lives to our faraway great grandchildren, thus allowing them to witness our time

All the messages received, without undergoing any censorship, will be embarked aboard KEO.”

I’ve written mine, what will you write?



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