Happy 25th WWW!

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The World Wide Web is now 25 years old. I don’t recall learning about the web until perhaps the movie “War Games” but didn’t have my first email address until 1996 when I got online for the first time at college, where I completed my dissertation in the same year on “Using the Internet to Market Commercial Property”, something that I now do every day as part of my business.
The web wasn’t new at the time, it had been growing since for 7 years already, but it certainly wasn’t mainstream.
My lecturer was very interested and got in touch with the Estates Gazette who invited to write an article on the topic for, sadly I declined as it was during the time when I had to sit for my finals. 
In short I wrote about how important a marketing medium the internet would become, I’ll always remember the quote that found from a book (whose title escapes me) who likened the web to a market where everyone had turned out all the lights and whilst the store itself was important, it was just as critical to go out into the market and show people how to reach your site.
Saying that the internet would become important, sounds like a no brainer with hindsight, but my dissertation was really out of left field, time it was a lot more hopeful than it would appear. Few people had mobile phones and fewer people still had a laptop at home unless it was issued by their company.
If you were on the net in 1996, chances are you would be using Netscape 2.0, but there wasn’t a lot of things to do online, firms with websites were a rarity, and the outlook wasn’t great:
Woe be onto you if you actually admitted to playing video games, which was more than just frowned upon, especially in the Luddite filled world of the property industry. 
The world, the industry and the web have all changed so much since then in fact everything has been turned upside down. The web has morphed beyond recognition, gaming is  mainstream, and the real estate business is investing and innovating in a technological arms race.So what’s next?

My call on next big things are :
1. Drones – drones will become a lot more commonplace, in real estate aerial photography is going to be key.
2. Smart property – by that I don’t mean the internet of things (see 4) I mean a method of recording transactions in a public registry using the technology that underlies cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, the Blockchain (remember that word, it’s going to be important!)
3. The internet of things- when many talk about the IoT they refer to wearable technology like my Pebble smart watch , or Google Glass, but these are, for now, small conveniences, nice to haves but not essential. No, what I am interested in is Smart Cities where tech is employed to enhance the efficiency of city wide infrastructure, and improve the quality of life through innovative environmental management. This could see much greater community participation in how our cities develop and are run
Go Google some of these things. Its an amazing world that we live in, so take advantage of it!
The World Wide Web turns 25 today! Share your memories of what life was like before the web and how things have improved since then—then sign up to protect it: #Web25


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So a few weeks ago I succumbed and splashed out on a few bitcoin, the following week MTGox the biggest single exchange of bitcoin promptly collapsed and the value of the BTC came tumbling down with it, so it hasn’t been my best investment.


However, it is early days and proponents will tell you that they are going tobe worth 10,000 USD in the next 6 months, year, two years and some may say never, ever.

I dont claim to have any answers. I can say that Bitcoin isn’t being used as a currency, despite that moniker being attached with it. Its all about speculation, people are hoarding or even day trading on the volatility, so in some ways it bears a closer resemblance to stocks than it does an actual currency, except BTC doesn’t actually produce anything of value.

The price seems to be determined by two things, supply and sentiment. I suppose if I brought in when it was worth 100USD / BTC I might be a bit more bullish, but I didn’t so despite my keen interest, I am sceptical.

Everywhere you look is someone else talking about BTC, this is because the more mainstream it becomes, the more it is spoken about (just as I am partly guilty of here), the greater the demand will be, and hence this will boost values. In some ways its not that different to a pyramid scheme, where the early adopters are the ones who make the real cash, and its never too late for you to get on board too!

The underlying technology of bitcoin,  the blockchain has the potential to be hugely disruptive to the way people do business and conduct transactions. It could change the way banking is done forever.

I wont explain in detail but I will point you to an excellent podcast on the topic that really delves into the nature of what bitcoin is and where its expected to go.

They mention a few altcoins on here too.

If after all this you feel that you want to at least take a look at what this is all about for yourself I suggest heading over to Qoinpro, where they will give you a few bitcoin for free when you sign up and a little more every day, as well as a few other alt coins such as Litecoin, Feathercoin and Fedoracoin.

Here’s what they have to say about themselves

QoinPro was conceptualized in December 2013 and launched on January 29, 2014. We are based in Hong Kong and work from different time zones (Hong Kong and the Netherlands) to offer near 24/7 support.

QoinPro is a multi-coin faucet with wallet-like features giving different free coins (Bitcoin, Litecoin, Feathercoin, etc) on a daily basis to all subscribed members. The multi-coin faucet functionality is step one of a much larger plan to eventually become a leading cryptocurrency platform.

Our primary objective in step one is to educate people and making it (very) easy for them to get started with cryptocurrencies.


Sign up to Qoinchain via this link, and they will give me a few more coins every day, don’t worry, its free and no payment details are requested.

But I also suggest getting a wallet over at and when you are ready to buy, head over to