The BOI Fair 2012: don’t miss it!

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I work a lot with the Thai government’s Board of Investment, so felt that I really ought to go   to the BOI fair this year. The last one was held shortly after the 1997 economic crisis to restore confidence after that calamitous economic collapse, I was here when it happened but missed that show, so I had little to prepare me for what lay in store this afternoon.

I certainly didnt expect to be walking around the fair in wonder and something akin to tech heaven for something close to 7 hours straight. I started off in the Challenger hall as I had arranged to meet some clients, and wanted to get to know some developers of new industrial parks, and once that mission was accomplished I allowed myself to wander around.

I saw moon rocks, astronaut suits, met the people who run GITSDA who published up to the minute satellite feeds on the Thai flood which so many of us relied on, I got to see and play with Sony’s 3D TV’s, their giant LED 3D displays

Sony also had a 3D wrap-around headset with speakers. The picture looked great , nice and sharp, plus the 3D effect was good, but had to be held to my head, why they couldn’t add a strap is beyond me  :/

But the real treats were yet to come. The fair is HUGE. As I said earlier it took me 7 hours to walk around the place and I didn’t get to see everything. It fills Challenger halls 1,2 & 3 (where firms like WD Seagate, Sony and some smaller firms are exhibiting), then the Innotech exhibitions is being held in the Novotel Impact hall, and then there is a large lakeside area where several big firms have erected giant pavilions and have gone to incredible lengths to showcase their technology.

Most of these will have some form of show, usually 3D TV, live performances,  4D TV (with wind, movement, rain etc) or a mix of all of the above, and sometimes to brilliant effect.

Michelin's Lunar Wheel

The range of technologies on display was impressive, however there were some definite themes, namely 3D (everyone had 3D something) LG for instance showed off their glasses free 3DTV,  also electric vehicles, and solar power were both highly prominent.  Lots of concept cars and vehicles on display, of these I liked Toyota’s curiously named “Whee” personal transportation vehicle, their answer to the Segway I suppose:

(The Toyota Whee: pst didn’t anyone tell them that Nintendo had dibs on that name?)

There were some shows that I really highly recommend.

I thought Panasonic’s 3D show was outstanding, which used their largest 151″ plasma screen full HD 3DTV to brilliant effect, but their entire booth was done really well.

The British sand artist in the movie at the Royal pavilion is sooo talented its scary, absolutely awesome to see.

But that’s just it, there’s so much to see and do and I missed some stuff, like the SCG event, so frankly I ‘d rarther let my pics do the talking so here you go:

Gallery 1

Oh, and as you can see they had a few booth babes there too 😉

I’ll be adding links to some Youtube vids of the exhibits that I took shortly.

Its on until the end of this week, January 20th 2012, and admission to everything is FREE of Charge, no need for a special pass or to book anything, just go, I did.


The following two vids I have found on Youtube who both did a better job of filming these shows than me.