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Update on my Big Quit

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So its now a little over a year since I stopped smoking, during that time my post on giving up smoking has been one of my most read posts so I thought you all deserved an update.

The good news is I haven’t smoked at all since I stopped, and the truth is it has been a lot easier than I was led to believe it would be.

I think the proper motivation was the biggest help. It’s strange how the health benefits was never enough to get me to quit, rather, for me, it was the time I caught my son putting his fingers against his mouth mimicking me by pretending to smoke.

That was it for me and I will never go back.

If you are here looking for advice on how to quit, you already know how bad it is for you, but  perhaps like me, that is probably not enough motivation to keep you going, I can only offer a few words of advice,

  1. Find your source of motivation, whatever it is (there’s no shortage of reasons if you look for them. I wrote my top 5 on a photograph of my wife and son and used it as my background on the computer. It helped!)
  2. Read that book by Allen Carr as I mentioned in my previous post
  3. Don’t be intimidated, it’s not as hard you think.

Finally some truths from the myths about smoking.

Does giving up smoking really give you more energy?

Hmmm well for me, not so much that I notice it, but I have certainly been a lot busier at work than I was and find it easier to cope and to focus.

Have I gained weight since stopping smoking?

Yes, I have. I’d like to blame it on stopping smoking but am not really sure that’s true. I’m not substituting ciggies for food, but I cant dispute gaining a few Kgs, which frankly are a lot harder to shred than giving up smoking ever was, but that’s my new goal.

I hope that helps and if you have questions speak up!