So what colour is Thailand’s flood water anyway?

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Well when added to the water that half of Bangkok gets its drinking water supply from its mostly a torrid stinking brown:

But just in the past few days I have started to see an increase in the amount of red/yellow chatter on my twitter timeline regarding the flood.

Comments such as “there’s more red volunteers than yellow”, or “some donations are reserved only for reds”, whilst others wish that “hiso shopping malls would get swamped so that they know how it feels” , and some suggest “perhaps its only when the hiso houses are flooded that any real action will be taken to prevent this from happening again”.

This to me is especially worrying given that tensions are already high from stressed out, flooded communities who effectively feel forced to protest just to have their voices heard and some even have taken action by partially destroying dykes threatening Bangkok’s tap water, more industrial estates, and other residential areas that just so happen to become increasingly pro democrat the closer that you get to the centre of the capital.

I’m no water management expert so will refrain from comment on whether it is right to destroy those dykes, who knows it might help drain that flood water faster, but my concern is how the other communities will react to the flooding created by those destroyed dykes.

Will they help to carry that burden willingly and happily help their long suffering neighbours?

I just don’t know. The community spirit that I have seen in my area whilst helping erect sandbag walls has been incredible, people bring water to the volunteers and even delicious iced fruit sherberts all completely free of charge.

But barely hidden beneath the black surface of these flood waters is a country with unresolved political divisions, that has seen the National government at logger heads with the Bangkok Governor from the opposition party, both of whom seem set on using this disaster to  score points and gain some sort of advantage over the other.

Its a very dangerous high stakes game that they are playing, and both should be equally despised for doing so. As I mentioned on twitter a few days back, “anyone caught using this disaster for political gain should be recruited for croc and snake catching duty”.

Whilst the imagery of Burberry wellied PM wrestling a crocodile has its allures, in reality I just hope that the people on the street set aside their colours to help each other at least just until this current mess gets cleaned up.

That’s not too much to ask for, is it?